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1,000mg CBD Oil

Get all natural relief with our full spectrum tinctures! We've added specific terpenes (another beneficial part of the hemp plant) to help your CBD work its best!

CBD Bath Bombs

Are the actual bomb…Feel all your pain & stress absolutely melt away. Take your bath from relaxing to rejuvenating. You will never look at bath time the same.

CBD Cream

The cure-all of CBD products! Whether you’re recovering from a work out, healing from an injury, or experience chronic aches and pains regularly - this cream with cure what ails you!


Naturally Simple

In the beginning, we were just hemp farmers.

We began making CBD products from our hemp for ourselves, then our family & friends. These are all carefully crafted products that have helped us personally, or someone dear to us, and now we want to share it with you.

All of our hemp is grown organically, extracted, and formulated in house - Bringing you completely

Farm to Table Healing!


What makes ‘Full Spectrum CBD’ different?

 CBD has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-anxiety properties, but it wasn’t until recently that scientists were able to figure out how to make this affects long lasting and effective.

In a study involving inflammation in the paws of mice, researchers observed that purified CBD was only anti-inflammatory at a moderate dose, whereas a CBD-rich extract became more effective with a higher dose. Full-spectrum means that there is no THC,  just a CBD-rich extract. 


“I am a local chiropractor and this is hands down the most effective CBD I've come across in the last 4 years of looking, period. Emilee is an amazing individual, entrepreneur, researcher, chemist and people person. So proud of what she's done and extremely exited to offer her products to the stressed masses!”

-John Baird


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Ultimately, we are here because we want to connect with you. You’ve lived a life completely unique to you. You have been strengthened through your experiences, but possibly warn by some of life’s battles. We want you to feel your best. To feel your strengths over all and rise with the sun into each new day!